Administrative Proceedings:

Services of making telephone calls to debtors against whom administrative proceedings are taken, performing discount and installment agreements, following up these installments, reminding before installment, making telephone calls for payment delays after installment.

Execution and Litigation Proceedings:

This service is provided by the legal management department who carries out the complete legal follow-up process of the debtor files remaining after the administrative proceedings process. Through our expert attorneys and personnel specialized in legal proceedings we ensure that debtor files are brought to a fast solution.
Execution Proceedings Services : This is the service of collecting receivables ensued from companies’ activities through execution proceedings. This service begins with the instigation of executive proceedings for the collection of the receivable. It includes the executive proceedings and lawsuits in the collection process. It ends with the collection of the receivable or with the receipt of the certificate of insolvency and write-off. Throughout these services, debtors continue to be called by the Call Center for the purpose of collection.

What is important here is to conclude the collection and liquidation process with the company taking the least damage and the highest amount of collection possible. Therefore, it is important to know the uncollected credit’s charge to the bank, to evaluate guarantees, and to calculate the cash value. As a result of evaluating these elements together, sometimes even the liquidation of receivables by the banks with an appropriate interest in the long run may not generate satisfying results; in some cases it is more advantageous to perform real estate sales. In such cases, we provide services of real estate sales consultancy, opening of data room, legal due diligence and bidding, and preparation of contracts for each phase.

Litigation Proceedings Services : This is the service of processing lawsuits that have been brought against the company or will be brought by the company, whether or not they are affiliated with credit, in every phase from beginning to the end. The service begins with bringing the lawsuit and continues until the finalization of the court decision following the appeal process.  
Mortgage Facility, Audit and Coordination :

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