Alpar Ergün Hukuk Bürosu is a law firm that has been founded on the basis of a knowledge accumulation built for decades particularly in the fields of banking and finance. The knowledge and experiences acquired by the founder of the firm in these fields for more than 30 years attest to the added value of our firm.

Our firm is dedicated to offering the fastest and highest quality of services. Therefore, it has established a cooperative service web with more than 100 law firms around Turkey, each an expert in its field. Thus, we have ensured that our services are offered not only in the province of Istanbul, but also throughout Turkey with the same speed and high quality.

Our client portfolio is composed primarily of banking, financial institutions and corporate companies.


Representing our clients legally in every field in the most professional manner and by the highest quality standards. Delivering the best possible outcome, on behalf of our client, in the most efficient and fastest manner by solving all complications through necessary foresights and mutual communication.


Unconditional client satisfaction.

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